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April 11, 2018


Soccer is one of the oldest and one of the most loved games. Throughout the history of soccer, there are many ups and down. Life of international soccer players are not always easy they have to face many hardships throughout their life. Anyways the long history of football given us a lot of football legends who took the game of soccer to a new level. These footballers are not only legendary in terms of playing football but also their life inspired us and teaches us the way to overcome the hardship of life. Top 5 soccer legends of all time Soccer dates back a long time in the history. The history of soccer has seen a lot of gems in its time span. Noting down all of them here will fall short of pages, hence most notable ones are mentioned below
    • Pele (1950-1970):
If we talk about football legends Pele is the name that comes first. People say that Pele is and always will                      be the best player in the world. And the title of the greatest is rightfully his. He used to be an Inside                                forward, in his team i.e. Brazil and Santos both. He inspired the whole team to win the world cup two times. He was seventeen years old when he started                        his career in Sweden in the year of 1958. He scored a hat-trick in the first match and showed a very well-                        formed football throughout the league. His dedication helped the team to reach the finals. He scores twice in the final two. In the 1958 world cup                      final he scored a hat-trick and brought a cup for his team. Till today Pele is the prime goal scorer of Brazil.
    • Diego Maradona (1980-1990):
Diego Maradona the greatest footballer of world cup football is the man who single-handedly brought                            world cup trophy for his team Argentina. No footballer alive can claim his place in the history of world football. He scored five goals and made five                      assists in total seven games at 1986 world cup. He played for Argentina and Barcelona. He is truly a                                genius in his field. He has delivered an astonishingly incredible performance at club level too.
    • Johann Cruyff:
Johann Cruyff another addition in the history of football legends. Johann Cruyff is known for his                                     versatile football. He is very creative and skillful in his field. He was the inspiration for the whole team.                         He used to be an all in one package as a footballer. He was extraordinarily talented in skills; he even                               created his own football move called ‘Cruyff turn’. He is a great dribbler, passer and also a prime goal                             scorer for his team. He played for the Netherlands and at the club level, he played for Ajax as well as                             Barcelona. As a manager, he led Barcelona to win European cup in 1992.
    • Leonel Messi:
The modern-day legend Leonel Messi is known to be the best. He is a support sticker of Barcelona as well                       as Argentina. Messi is known for his breathtaking skills, super first sprinting dribbling. He is called “A                           miracle from God”, “The magician of football”. There are a few things which he didn’t achieve as a footballer. His skills are so incomparable that people                         often forced to think if he is for real or a play station character. He has eight league titles, five Balloon                             d’Or, and four trophies from Champions League. He is the highest scorer of La Liga and got the golden                         ball in 2014 world cup.
    • Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7):
Go to any search engine on the internet and search for the best footballers of all times. When you hit                                enter probably you are going to get Cristiano Ronaldo at the top of the list. Born and brought up in                                  Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo was 18 years old when he was signed by Manchester United. Now he plays                          for Real Madrid and Portugal. He is a very controversial player often driven by his egotism. But there is                          no way of denying his charisma in the field of soccer. Cristiano Ronaldo has won five Ballon d’Or and set a record for being the first European player to do                              so. He has won four European Golden Shoes which is the 1st time in the history. He also won 25                                      trophies in his career, which includes five league titles. He holds the record to score most number of                                goals in European League that includes 119 goals in UEFA Champions League, 29 goals in UEFA                                  European Championship, 7 goals in the FIFA Club World Cup and 17 goals in UEFA Champions                                    League. Here are some honourable mentions
  • Franz Beckenbauer
  • Ferenc Puskas
  • Alfredo di Stefano
  • Zinedine Zidane
  • Romario
  • Zico


Football is not only a game but also an emotion of millions of people. It is a game which divides the world into pieces. By dividing I mean to say dividing in the context of teams and players. The legend of football is made on the basis of players who possess the irreplaceable skills and dedication. Football legends are not less than any superhero for us. Football spared loves all over the world in such a unique way that made us come close to each other forgetting our differences of caste creed or color.
April 11, 2018


Each and every sport comes with tons of advantages. We all know that playing and sports is always good for our health.Soccer is worlds most played game. It is a very easy and inexpensive game which only needs a ball and sufficient space and any number of people to play with. But in spite of being an easy game, it takes lots and lots of stamina. In a traditional football match, a player has to play for 90 min. So it’s a big time to spend running around the fields. In fact is not possible for a normal person. So with soccer comes great fitness.

Constructive Benefits

Football is a constructive game with a team spirit. It has several developmental aspects of the characteristics & personality of a person involved in this sport. Starting from the health & body fitness, mental development, responsibility football has a lot of preach inside its players. Some noteworthy & relevant points are discussed below
  • Health Benefits of Soccer
    • Help to Increase Aerobic Capacity: Aerobic Capacity is referred to the capability of heart and lungs to provide oxygen to muscles. It was seen that the soccer players have a gigantic amount of Aerobic Capacity and oxygen-consuming capacity to run at a firster pace or changing their sprinting speed& dribbling pace.
    • Help to Burn Body Fat and accelerate Muscle growth: Soccer helps recruit slow-twitch as well as first-twitch of the muscle by burning fat. It burns more calories than any workout as during a match a player have to change the form of energy i.e. aerobic energy to anaerobic energy.
    • Help cardiovascular health to Improve: Soccer provides an excellent cardiovascular exercise through continuous running, jumping, sprinting, jogging or walking make the heart rate go higher and thus it provides the player a great cardiovascular health. It also reduces blood pressure and increases metabolic rate.
    • Make bones stronger
    • Increase muscle strength
  • Impact on growing human personality
    • Teaches us sportsmanship and coordination
    • Teaches how to work together as a team
    • Increase self-confidence and discipline. Helps to control anxiety
  • Development of motor skills with improvement in induced reflex actions & activities
Football is a game of skill dubbed with speed. Here comes the combined power of brain & body. In order to defy the opponents, the player needs to play & dribble with intelligence at a pace against the reflex of the opponents. This not only develops both skills but also creates a fine correlation between body & brain.
  • Development of self-confidence as well as self-esteem
Confidence is an auto gaining aspect when a player goes on learning & developing the skills confidence comes on its own. This, in turn, develops the natural ability to be self-reluctant & autonomous not only in the field but also in other areas outside the ground
  • Leadership Skills
  • Discipline & Punctuality


Soccer is an all in one game which not only popular but also very beneficial to us. In many cases, there is a situation of injuries, but it can be overcome with enough caution and discipline. Playing soccer can create a healthy body with a healthy personality. It is a very affordable and accepted throughout the world. It is also very beneficial in a satisfactory way. It provides happiness to the players and the spectators too. Soccer match’s heart rendering drama, breathtaking competition makes it even more loveable. It doesn’t take any special arrangement to play soccer one just need a ball and a place to play. With all, we can say that soccer is truthfully is the best game in the world.    
April 11, 2018


Soccer or football is known to be the best game in the world. But the origin of soccer lies far beyond the pages of history. We have seen many miracles throughout the history of the sport but the wonder of football never failed to amaze us. Soccer gains its popularity as it offers breathtaking competition, respectful sportsmanship, and battle for pride. Sometimes the soccer foreground became the battlefield of thousands of fans based on their eleven-player army and sometimes an emotional landscape which cannot be forgotten. We can tell that soccer is a proportional combination of pride, culture, love, sportsmanship and many more. Now regarding the importance of this game, we should know about the greatest history it holds.

Origin of soccer/football

The real origin of football is a matter of controversy. But according to The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), we came to know that the ancient Chinese game cuju is known to be the ancestor of current soccer. Cuju mainly means the kickball. It can be played with any other body parts except leg. At 206 BC – 220 AD the era of Han Dynasty specific standardized rules are established. Though modern association football doesn't have any specific history, it has considered following the standardized rules followed by mid-19th-century European schools.

IFAB: Introduction of Official football leagues

FA-cup which is considered to be the oldest football tournament in the world was founded by Charles William Alcock who was a great sportsman and took part in the major development of football and cricket. Since 1872 FA cup was first played by English teams. Even the first match was between England and Scotland. This match is considered to be the first official international soccer match. International Football Association Board (IFAB) is formed in 1886 which is the first official board who decides the laws of the game. In Paris 1904 FIFA was formed. FIFA declared that they would follow the rules of International Football Association Board.

Top three memorable matches of soccer history

Soccer matches are always exciting to watch but among them, there are some matches which made the history. Here are some of those matches which are written in golden words in the history of soccer
  • 1953 Hungary vs. England – This is a historic match where England was deferred for the first time in their home by a margin of 6-3 goals. Nandor Hidegkuti scored the 1st goal against England just within 90 seconds.
  • 1970 world cup final – This is one of the top rated matches played between Brazil and Italy. The 1st goal was opened by a header of football legend Pele and he continues to score two subsequent goals leading Brazil to win by a huge margin of 4-1 goals.
  • 1982 West Germany vs. France – This match is was the first match of world cup history to end by a penalty. This match has a margin 3-3 goals and won by West Germany through penalties.
Football is now a world-famous game played by millions of people over the world. Uruguay is the most delightful nation whose team proved to be the best then in the world and successfully organized FIFA championship for the first time ever. According to FIFA survey, 2001 more than 240 million people play football throughout 200 countries. Football is now an International event in which hundreds of team participate in the professional level, thousands of people go to watch it, and millions of people watch it on television or internet.