April 11, 2018
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Soccer or football is known to be the best game in the world. But the origin of soccer lies far beyond the pages of history. We have seen many miracles throughout the history of the sport but the wonder of football never failed to amaze us. Soccer gains its popularity as it offers breathtaking competition, respectful sportsmanship, and battle for pride.

Sometimes the soccer foreground became the battlefield of thousands of fans based on their eleven-player army and sometimes an emotional landscape which cannot be forgotten. We can tell that soccer is a proportional combination of pride, culture, love, sportsmanship and many more. Now regarding the importance of this game, we should know about the greatest history it holds.

Origin of soccer/football

The real origin of football is a matter of controversy. But according to The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), we came to know that the ancient Chinese game cuju is known to be the ancestor of current soccer. Cuju mainly means the kickball. It can be played with any other body parts except leg.

At 206 BC – 220 AD the era of Han Dynasty specific standardized rules are established. Though modern association football doesn’t have any specific history, it has considered following the standardized rules followed by mid-19th-century European schools.

IFAB: Introduction of Official football leagues

FA-cup which is considered to be the oldest football tournament in the world was founded by Charles William Alcock who was a great sportsman and took part in the major development of football and cricket. Since 1872 FA cup was first played by English teams. Even the first match was between England and Scotland. This match is considered to be the first official international soccer match.

International Football Association Board (IFAB) is formed in 1886 which is the first official board who decides the laws of the game. In Paris 1904 FIFA was formed. FIFA declared that they would follow the rules of International Football Association Board.

Top three memorable matches of soccer history

Soccer matches are always exciting to watch but among them, there are some matches which made the history. Here are some of those matches which are written in golden words in the history of soccer

  • 1953 Hungary vs. England – This is a historic match where England was deferred for the first time in their home by a margin of 6-3 goals. Nandor Hidegkuti scored the 1st goal against England just within 90 seconds.
  • 1970 world cup final – This is one of the top rated matches played between Brazil and Italy. The 1st goal was opened by a header of football legend Pele and he continues to score two subsequent goals leading Brazil to win by a huge margin of 4-1 goals.
  • 1982 West Germany vs. France – This match is was the first match of world cup history to end by a penalty. This match has a margin 3-3 goals and won by West Germany through penalties.

Football is now a world-famous game played by millions of people over the world. Uruguay is the most delightful nation whose team proved to be the best then in the world and successfully organized FIFA championship for the first time ever. According to FIFA survey, 2001 more than 240 million people play football throughout 200 countries. Football is now an International event in which hundreds of team participate in the professional level, thousands of people go to watch it, and millions of people watch it on television or internet.

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